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Classes 2018-19

Recreational: 8 Years & Younger
Military $850/annual - $106.25/month (8 months)
Non-Military $875/annual - $110/month (8 months)
Recreational: 8 Years & Older
Military $925/annual - $116/month (8 months)
Non-Military $950/annual - 118.75/month (8 months)


Recreational ahletes will focus on creating a routine for one competition and the club Year End Watershow while developing a comfort within the water and for the sport.  Dependant on the swimmer they may be upside down, boosted out of the water, or the booster underwater. 


All classes are structured but flexible so as to serve the needs of all levels of swimming.


As a recreational athlete you are expected to attend the "Whole body Athlete Camp" in November and participate in the Marnie Eistetter figure competition that weekend.  These athletes will also be able to pre-swim/swim in some competitions as well as perform in our Year End Watershow.  


Military $1450/annual - $162/month (9 months)
Non-Military $1475/annual - $164/month (9 months)

Will focus on performing competitively at all meets, attending and competing in the November camp, and developing a routine to perform at the Canadian Prairie Invitational and club Year End Watershow with your team.  Duets and Solo's maybe accomodated as per coach availability and athlete interest and competency.

Master Program:  ($5.00 drop in)

Ages 18 & up. Training alongside the competitive girls and welcome to participate in competitions.  Welcome to perform at watershow during year end wind up.  Test for two stars/season, developing a routine alongside either coach and performing at the watershow.  Competing and training at your own discretion and when eligible.   The drop in allows any master swimmer to be as dedicated as they so choose!

Included in fees:

Member Fees with Synchro Sask. Coach Wages and Training, pool exenses, Club Apparel (TBA) November camp & lunch and competition fees. 

For families with more than two athletes registered, there will be a discount of 25% on the third athlete and any additional athlete thereafter. 

Discounts will be applied to the youngest athlete(s) registered.

Jump Start Funding


Please note that our club is recognized as a sport/club by JumpStart.  JumpStart Funding is provided by Canadian Tire and can be applied for through our club.  JumpStart is available to those families who may not find our fees affordable.  They will pay the club directly so that families aren't required to pay the total registration fee-basically a portion of your registration fees will be subsidized.  


We understand our club is small and our fees only cover operational expenses and therefore JumpStart funding is allows our club to registration fees much more feasible for more Moose Jaw families.  These forms are available on our website (click below) or apply directly online at



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