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Welcome to the Moose Jaw Kinsmen Aqua Otters 


Our club received a very generous donation from the Moose Jaw Kinsmen Club in January 2017! We approached the Kinsmen Club for a donation to help our club cover costly pool rental expenses, while continuing to keep our sport and club fees affordable to Moose Jaw families. We are ecstatic that the Moose Jaw Kinsmen Club has committed to a 5 year funding commitment totalling $10,000! Our club name now includes the Kinsmen as part of recognition for their generosity and ongoing support! 

As of January 2017, we've offically become the Moose Jaw Aqua Kinsmen Aqua Otters. Our club is our cities one and only synchronized swimming club.  The sport of synchronized swimming was in the city of Moose Jaw in the early 1990's , however did not continue.  Synchro Saskatchewan began our club in late 2011, and since we've had community support and athlete interest.  We've been able to have a strong financially sound club with dedicated coaches,volunteers and athletes!  Our club has really made a splash into the sport. We’re so proud to see as many athletes as we have, all of whom have brought something special to our group.  Our athletes have been awarded for their accomplishments and made it to the podium during some of our competitions! 


Operating out of the pool located at 15 wing Moose Jaw, our club offers recreational, competitive and master levels of synchronized swimming to girls ages six and older. Our experienced coaches foster the core elements of the sport such as teamwork, artistic development and athleticism. A season for our athletes is September to May each year and all of our athletes put in tons of hours to be so successful.   


We strive to make young female athletes the most well rounded persons possible by teaching both synchronized swimming and life skills. Among these are: cooperation, teamwork, coping skills, dedication, leadership, and commitment. Attendance, punctuality, preparedness, and personal responsibility both in and out of the pool will make them the best swimmers and women they can be. Synchronized swimming is an ideal opportunity to learn these important skills, and we coaches are committed to helping each girl achieve new heights as individuals and as a team. 


What is Synchronized Swimming...

Synchronized swimming is a fun sport which combines swimming, dancing and gymnastics. Synchronized swimmers perform routines in solos, duets, trios, or teams, which are accompanied by music. Athletes of the sport require water skills, which include, strength, endurance, flexibility, grace, artistry, precise timing, and good breath control, when upside down in the water!

Synchronized swimming coaches choreograph a routine, or acrobatic dance, for solo swimmers, or swimmers in teams. Teams usually comprise four to ten swimmers of a similar age, and ability range. Swimmers do have the option to train in extra routines, in the form of solos or duets, if they so desire.

Competitive synchronized swimmers also train on land to develop the skills needed for coordination and agility in the water. On land or “dryland” training enhances the synchronized swimmer’s cardiovascular capacity and endurance. Synchronized swimmers also practice their routines with various positions, and sequences while training out of the water. These skill training exercises prepare the swimmer both individually and collectively for Watershows and competitions.

Synchronized swimming is a respected and recognized Olympic sport with a strong Canadian history. Its athletes’ commitment to excellence and success make it the perfect sports marketing sponsorship match for your product or service. Synchronized swimming and the Moose Jaw Aqua Otters team serve as an excellent channel to a target market of young, athletic women, an addition to their parents, families and friends.

Synchronized swimming develops:

  •   The Flexibility of a Gymnast

  •   Endurance of a Long Distance Runner

  •   Strength of a Competitive Swimmer

  •       The Grace of a Dance


Synchronized swimming is perhaps the best all‐round development sport available today for girls and young women, combining athletic prowess in femininely graceful movements together with a full range of musical appreciation and choreography. The body movements of synchronized swimming require the training of nearly every muscle in the body to a fine edge without creating any distorting overdevelopment. The flexibility and extension of a gymnast is essential for top performance while the swimming of a routine normally requires the strength and endurance of a good middle distance swimmer.

More facts about synchronized swimming:

  •   Synchronized swimmers cannot touch the bottom of the pool during a routine. It is against the rules, and a severe two‐point deduction will be given if they do.

  •   The water is a minimum of nine feet deep; they must skillfully use eggbeater and whip kick to stay above the water. Synchronized swimmers swim with their eyes open underwater. By seeing their teammates underwater, they make corrections to alignment and set‐up for specific moves in their routine.

  •   Synchronized swimmers can hear the music underwater through underwater speakers.

  •   Of all the pieces of equipment, the nose plug is most important, for when the synchronized

    swimmers do their underwater routines it helps to keep the water out of the nose.

  •   In a five‐minute routine, a synchronized swimmer may spend up to a minute underwater without coming up for air. At the same time, they are using their arms and legs to suspend themselves in the water.

  •   Top synchronized swimmers usually practice eight hours a day, six days a week. The time is mostly used in the water and the rest of the time is spent weight training and working on agility. 

2018-19  Moose Jaw Kinsmen Aqua Otters


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